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Something that is going to be a regular staple on this blog is going to be LOST episode reviews. These reviews will consist of several things. First, the actual review of the episode, where I discuss the good and bad things of that particular episode. Also, a critique of the acting and the storytelling and what it could possibly go from that point.

Now, as you’ve guessed from my last post, this blog will not only contain episode reviews of LOST, but episode reviews of Supernatural. The same episode review formula will follow for Supernatural, as well. I hope you enjoy this new staple of the blog!

And, also, as we approach the climaxes of both LOST and Supernatural respectively, there will be season reviews on the site.

On that note, a review of last week’s Richard-centric episode, “Ab Aeterno,” will be forthcoming. Also, this past week’s episode of Supernatural will be getting its review.

What is this “Supernatural” show and why should anyone who watches LOST give it the time of day?

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This may be old news but it is definitely news worth reporting.

In one of their recent podcasts, executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse revealed the title for the 2-hour series finale. The title of the finale will be aptly named “The End.”

This, I feel, is oddly fitting. It is blunt, and to the point. It also illustrates the fact that this finale will see the end of the story of LOST, as the writers see it. So, obviously, ABC and Disney cannot make any more spinoffs or tie-in ideas for LOST than what is provided in the six seasons that we’ve had.

I, for one, cannot wait to see what this finale will bring us. The finale will air on Sunday, May 23 on ABC. Check your local listings for details.

I used to have a blog entitled “GeeKritique”, in which I detailed movie and television reviews, news on my favorite TV Shows and movies, and the like. But that went the way of all the earth. So this shall be “GeeKritique 2.0”

I am doing this as a pure outlet for my geekdom. I am first using it to write reviews on my favorite television show, LOST. But since there are only 9 episodes left, the well may run dry on that. But if there is anything else you’d like to see me do with this blog, then by all means comment below!



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